Don’t Offer Your Products For Free

Starting Up Your Own Business is HARD

Oh my goodness. I’ve been stressed out AF today. Starting up your own thing is so difficult. I knew people said it was hard but you know when you go into it with rose-tinted glasses thinking “I’ve got this”. No one has “got” it. Even the most organised person.

What I thought was going to happen: Do a free webinar -> sell my product -> perfect product -> sell more.

In reality? Do a free webinar -> deal with many issues -> struggle with too many demands -> offer more than what I said I would -> no sales -> thinking of other ideas.

Good job I love the whole process of coming up with new ideas otherwise this would have killed me.

I just went for a long walk around the beautiful lake and river today and it made me feel so much better. One word of advice for any budding solopreneurs out there – do NOT offer any of your products for free. The advice you read online is REAL. I had to ignore it and find out the hard way.

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