Tulum was beautiful; pearly white beaches and clear turquoise seas. It was a real life paradise and I wish I had stayed longer. On our first day we went to the Tulum Ruins. They were pretty cool but not much to be seen mainly the raised residentially platforms. There was also a beach in the place which was so beautiful and tropical we decided to sunbathe and swim around for a bit.
We walked to Papaya Playa which was another stunning beach. It didn’t feel real imagine walking out into the most perfect setting stunning blue sea and skies and glistening sand, then scatter some palm trees and adorable beach shacks and suddenly butterflies are flying around and a pelican swoops down and scoops a fish to eat. Yes that really did happen and what’s funny is my old colleague was trying to explain what Tulum was like when he had went. He explained about the Pelicans swooping down when he opened up his bedroom windows, the butterflies and how magical it was and I was just like WOW… cool but not really thinking about it literal. Then i saw it with my own eyes. Now I understand lol.



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