Waimea Canyon

I’m so tired right now we woke up later than the day before and I went to check my food to make lunch but my shopping was missing from the fridge! I thought maybe they chucked it away even though I put my name and check out date on – I was so pissed off I hadn’t even eaten any of it yet!
So we set off after I had to rebuy my lunch and managed to walk the Cliff Trail which was apparently 150m what a lie! It was at least half a mile but the view of the Waimea Canyon was incredible. We didn’t continue on or do the Pu-u trail because it was so muddy and we saw some people return completely covered who said it was super slippery and a vertical climb up boulders and rocks. The weather was started to get super foggy so we decided to halt as we thought we wouldn’t even see anything after the hike so it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. The couple also told us views we saw already were just as good but the hike gives you the same view but from another angle so we were pleased with what we had seen anyways.
After our hike and picnic we went to Walmart for more food and then to the Coconut Marketplace for a live performance by Larry Rivera. He was this 85year old singer song writer ukelele player and was sooooooo funny! The little entertainer he was played many songs for us got a dance competition going and had little anecdotes to eat song and even said he was a friend of Elvis! It was a lovely performance by such a chirpy fun guy I wish I had filmed it – very entertaining.
So we go back to the hostel after super tired Andrea (one of the other solo travellers I met in the hostel I’ve been travelling around with) booked a helicopter flight which I am so jealous about but it was just too expensive for me. I made dinner then we decided to hire the hostel’s Kayaks for a trip tomorrow around the rivers and maybe to Wailua Falls to try to find the secret falls also.
To begin with there was 3 of us going then suddenly 4,5 and then Agnes (the other solo traveller I met in the hostel) comes down and says we have a 6 person. I went upstairs to get my money and the girl had only just arrived. It made me laugh because the exact thing happened to me. I arrive to the hostel go into room then we talk the suddenly I am going on adventure the next morning. So that was nice all of us solo travellers coming together 🙂
I went to go bed started talking to the new arrival a lot then suddenly the owner opens the door and tells me the police are coming for me? I freak out inside my tummy hurts I have no idea what I’ve done and I ask her what happened? And she asks me “you’re Rebekah right? I heard your food went missing well the police are here to take a statement” I was like “no no that’s okay I think someone accidentally threw it away that’s all” thinking she was going overboard but she told me she watched the CCTV footage and a homeless guy had come during the night and stole only my food. WHAT THE FUCK to thought I was annoyed but I couldn’t stop laughing. This would only happen to me!
So tomorrow we go kayaking for my first proper time and I’m super excited! First time surfing, first time hiking and first time kayaking! This adventure to Hawaii has been amazing so far!
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