Hey House Mates 🏡

This is my personal blog where I share all the fun things I love to do in my spare time 👩🏻‍💻.

Things I am obsessed with: website tinkering, tech tools, WordPress plugins, exploring new ideas and learning completely random things which you will read more and more about 🙂

The Name

Back during uni 🏫, I met some of the most awesome girlfriends 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 who I lived in halls with. We ended up moving into a little house together at Number 92 which is how House Ninety Two was born 😚.

It initially started up as a personal blog telling all my crazy travelling stories ✈️🗺 and venting my relationship break-ups 💔. With the help of my best friend 6 years later, I discovered what I love doing: writing!

My Back Story

When I was about 8, I got morbidly addicted to…Neopets 😂 and in order to pimp out my pet page, I had to know HTML/CSS and so I started learning. Growing up I turned to the internet communities for support and friendship. This is where I found my release; web development and blogging.  I found that forums were places where I could connect to others with the same interests and it relieved my loneliness as an only child and nourished my interest in web design. Until this day, I still love tinkering on my websites and I am currently working as a graphic design contractor at a tech company. My life goal and dream is to run a business helping women to discover how their skills can help achieve financial stability!

Thanks for taking interest into my lil blog!

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