About Me

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Heya, it’s sweet of you to want to get to know more about me ^_^.

My History

When I was about 8, I got morbidly addicted to…Neopets (a virtual pet game website) ๐Ÿ˜‚ and in order to pimp out my pet page, I had to learn basic HTML/CSS and so I started learning how to build websites, discovered WordPress blogging and I guess that’s where blogging all began.

This is me & my puppy, Tofu:

Becky & Puppy Tofu

I made my first (very ugly) website when I was 10 on Angelfire. I used to post song lyrics I had typed manually from stop-start-rewinding my Sony walkman; I had tapes of Shania Twain, Madonna, Elton John…you name it ๐Ÿ˜…

I got my first domain at 13, Vintagefairy.com (I don’t own it anymore), and started learning how to vector using photoshop. Then I started to design and develop my own WordPress themes.

Here’s one of my old blogs from when I was 14 (Yes I used to like emo boys ๐Ÿ˜‚)

I started joining website forums and since then online communities became my support and where I found friendship and learnt new skills. I met lots of people all over the world with the same interests and it nourished my interest in design.

I grew up in social housing in a single-parent household and as my mum was always away working trying to support us I was often babysat or left home alone. I secretly struggled with mental health most of my upbringing. Blogging really helped me overcome that by writing about my days, my friends and things that I loved. It gave me a platform for my very small voice, an outlet , a hobby and skills to build on. That’s why I still love it!

As an only child, the internet became a place I found refuge as I could do whatever I wanted and I felt like I belonged. I was connected to so many awesome people and there was so much I could learn and do. I was never bored!

My Career

I was always into Web Design. Since I was 13 I’ve run/owned/built/designed and managed websites, ran my own eCommerce store, a banner exchange program for bloggers and forums in the noughties. Because of this, I was both into Graphic Design and Website Management. Growing up, I didnโ€™t get good enough grades to study Computer Science. I even failed Computing at AS Levelsโ€ฆso I took that as a sign I wasn’t good at programming, gave it all up and went down the route of becoming a Designer which I am now grateful for.

My lifelong dream has always been to become a programmer but because I never got to do it I still thought about programming very often for as long as I remember. Here’s a very sad and awkward forum post with bad spelling that I found from when I was 14 ๐Ÿ˜‚:

I’ve had a wonderful and fun career as a Digital Designer for the past 8 years designing for a wide range of industries: from beauty, footwear, to gaming and adTech.

I’ve worked in start-ups, for small businesses and also large well-known corps and experienced so many different work environments. I’ve honestly enjoyed every second of my career. I value all the lessons and skills I’ve learnt and stayed in contact with all the amazing people I’ve met.

I’ve been so lucky to have a career in something that I love.

I’m scared to have a MASSIVE ambition and not succeed

14-year-old me

When I read that quote from an old forum post I found last year. I cried.

So, in 2020 I quit my design career and decided to go back to school to study a Masters in Computer Science. I finally decided to take the dive to learn more, work towards a more technical field and finally try something I’ve always wanted to do. There’s some unfinished business to do. ๐Ÿ

My Interests

I love learning new skills because it gives me more tools to build ideas to life. I still love tinkering on my websites (as you can see) and I love sharing information… but I’m not the same lonely child anymore; I’ve grown up and lived a fun-filled life with so many vibrant experiences which I want to share in this blog.

My goal is for everyone to dream as BIG as their dreams can hold and gain confidence to work towards those dreams. I believe if you work hard enough you will get to where you need to be… it may not be exactly what you dream about but the journey will take you to new places that you never thought possible.

My vision is a world where everyone believes in themselves. Life is just for living, making mistakes and sharing with the world your unique gift which is you, your mind and your journey. Blogging helped me find my way and I hope it helps others too.

 I hope that 14-year-old me would have been proud of 30-year-old-me and I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.

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