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I have just come back from the dentist. By the dentist I mean my friend is doing dentistry in her final year and needs patients in return for free treatment. This is excellent for me as my teeth are so bad. Today was a grilling appointment though my tooth really aches/hurts and we didn’t to finish the root canal so I have to wait another 3 weeks for it to be finished 🙁  Currently I’ve had 1 filling done and in a process of a root canal treatment and will hopefully get 4 more fillings new/redone and then a bridge/crown. We’ll see what happens *nose dribble*

I went on a 3rd date last night with the same guy as mentioned in a previous post.  I felt like vietnamese and we ended up walking past one and went in and ordered way too much. For once in my life I couldn’t finish a meal ahaha. Conversation was flowing and he was really funny/fun/mental but I don’t think we had  a lot in common but he was a gentlemen (in his actions) despite the words that came out of his mouth. At the end of the night we went to get different trains home and mine turned up first. As I left he leaned in to kiss me and I freaked out turned my cheek at him said “thanks bye!” and just pegged it to into the carriage. As I ran off I looked back and saw his was kinda like =S. When I got home he’d text me saying sorry for making inappropriate jokes and asked if I got home O.K. I felt really bad but the whole experience made me kinda cringe and I don’t know why.

Last but not least, I’ve finally managed to track down a tattooist I’ve been stalking; it’s been 2 years since I found Arther Optera  on tumblr #TATTOO (heehee) and I’ve been messaging him for 3 months now. His style of illustration is what caught my attention; it’s very dark and sinister and he uses a lot of dot work and thick outlines in just black ink. His tattoos remind me a little bit of a Cult or Witches spell book – if they were to have illustrations they would look like his!  So yeah I told him my idea he said he liked it and would book me in for mid January. Mid January came and for some annoying reason he jetted off to another country to be a guest tattooer for like a month! Waiting on his arrival to London got me super panicky as I messaged him a few times without a reply. I gave one last try on his personal account claiming that I would stop pestering him if he wasn’t interested anymore as he only had to tell me. He apologised and agreed on a date. He’s only back in London for 3 more weeks before he moves permanently to Switzerland or something so if he bails I will be forever hateful of TUMBLR (yes lets blame tumblr) for the numerous amounts of shit they make me want that I could never have. Just give me it this one time please? Life?

Anyways it’s a big secret what I’m getting as I don’t want to jinx it so ya’ll might see pictures of it next week 🙂 In the mean time here are some of the pieces he’s done which I absolutely love!

Arther Optera Tattoo

Arther Optera Tattoo

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