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Hey peeps, how have you been? I’ve been chilling and preparing for my graduation next week (8th February). So bloody excited! So I thought I would share something that I would never in my life ever share which are my grades for each module so you can decide whether you trust specific advice in the module reviews or just completely ignore it xD

I also thought it could be a sort of motivation for the rest of you who might be like me someone who isn’t super smart, nor are they super dumb. I no longer want to cower in shame for not being able to obtain top grades. I am proud for getting a Merit! And if I had gotten a Pass, I would be proud of myself too for even putting myself through this mess in the first place haha. Anything that replaces your personal sacred time is worth celebrating for.


What I found weird were the modules I hated were the ones that I got higher grades on. The modules that I enjoyed were the ones that I almost failed on – like wtf man..

I will add in the future how to calculate your grade and what the rules are for each pass, merit and distinction grade when I have a bit more time.

For now, Ciao!

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