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Okay…so, I was watching a youtube video about The Quarantine Stereotypes and one of them was “The New Puppy Purchase” and I realised..that was so totally me…and I don’t feel ANY shame for it!

Why I decided to get a puppy

As with most new dog owners, I’ve wanted a dog since I could remember. I guess I never thought I could EVER get one because it just didn’t cross my mind I was capable of it and it was possible.

So instead I got a rabbit and was a proud Bunny mum for 7 years. I trained my bunny to do all sorts of dogs tricks and basically treated, Wolfie, like a dog.

Wolfie passed away 2 years ago. I had got him when he was just a tiny little bunny at 8 weeks old and it was just a sad moment.

My flat felt empty without him scuttling around, digging and following me to the toilet…. but I didn’t want to get another rabbit because I’d feel like I was replacing him.

So, 2 years passed by and then COVID-19 happened. I was quarantined alone for about a year. I usually LOVE being by myself as I have so many hobbies, interests and things I like going on the laptop.

During COVID-19 I left my job and started remote studying for a Masters degree. I didn’t realise how leaving a job would be so isolating. My job bought in most of the social interaction on my day-to-day living.

I was now embarking on a 2-year learning journey with a potential of not much human contact due to COVID but also because of the remote masters I was doing..

I knew I’d be at home for a while and so I was like F it. I’m getting a companion! Having Wolfie (my pet bunny) was a highlight of coming home.

You get cuddles and unconditional love. Having a bad day is never too bad when you have a cute animal to look after. I also heard dogs were great for mental health. In America you can actually get prescribed a Therapy Dog!

So, here she is…. and you can follow her on instagram:

And of course I’ve been teaching her how to do tricks.

The extortionate quarantine puppy prices

I’m not going to lie she was expensive. She wasn’t as pricy as some of the maximum prices going up to £4000 but I did pay a lot for her. Apparently, before the quarantine Cavapoo’s were going for 1/4 of the price now which is crazy for a pet!

A lot of people recommended to adopt a rescue dog but a lot of people also don’t know how overwhelming the waitlists were getting. For each rescue dog, there were hundreds of people signing up interested. The quarantine was leaving a lot of people working remotely, having a lot of time on their hands and wanting a dog.

So, I travelled to Kent to get Tofu. It did feel slightly dodgy but the guy’s grandma had been breeding for years and she was mentoring him on breeding his family dog for the first time. It was his girl’s first litter and he seemed okay on the phone. We did video chats as well and he sent me photos of the dad and their health reports.

I’m not really sure how people usually buy dogs but I heard buying from breeders was bad but if you were to do it to get ask specific questions.

How it’s been so far

Having a puppy is difficult. Dog owners don’t tell you how hard it is at the beginning. It’s crazy! I didn’t realise how a puppy was very similar to a baby (obviously not as hard) but Tofu wakes up 3 times during the night and cries and I have no idea why. Sometimes it’s to poo, sometimes to pee sometimes she’s hungry and most of the time she’s woken up alone and scared as I’m crate training her.

She’s super affectionate, sweet and adorable and loves to lick me and in general, just be with me.

Because she hates to be left alone she’s very needy. When I try to leave her alone at all or put her in the crate she SCREECHES. She feels more comfortable being around people. I still crate training her but the separation anxiety thing I feel is due to her breed and personality type.

So far, trick training has been really easy. It’s just like training a rabbit but easier as dogs are very smart.

I’m still working on the potty training as she’s a right mess at the moment. On the first day she pood in my hallway lol.

I LOVE having a dog with me in the flat. Although, I do live in a tiny studio flat. I’ll most likely write a new blog about living in a studio flat with a Cavapoo puppy and what it’s like sharing your one living space with a dog.

Adding a new content category

Therefore, I thought it was only natural to add a new ‘puppy’ blog category to House Ninety Two so I can share everything I learn about being a dog mum.

I know it’s bad to dart around on blogging ‘niches’ but I thought I could write all the content on here first and if I gather enough then move it onto its own blog.

I already run 2 blogs so I mean it gets a bit tricky managing so many. So far I was thinking if I have one avenue of content creation on social media for each of my interests I won’t get it muddled and I get to create content for all sorts of different things I like within different communities.

Here’s a table I’ve made for reference.

tofu.pooInstagramPuppy photos of Tofu
House Ninety TwoWordPress BlogProgramming/Computer Science
Madhat GirlsWordPress BlogFemale Founders, Business, Self Discovery & Motivation
LoveBexaGithubMy developer portfolio (python/java)
BexaCreatesInstagramAll the arty stuff I make. Paintings, illustrations, sewing, jewellery stuff etc.
BexaBotYoutubePuppy tricks/training
LoveBexaInstagramPhoto album of my personal life

Do any of you guys have a dog or pet? If so what’s their name, how old are they and share me a photo!

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