This may be the boringest of boring posts to the majority of you bloggers out there. But if you, like me, have ever broken a camera lens by dropping it, then fear not there may be solutions for you too!

I dropped my 50mm F/1.8 about 2 years ago now and although it only cost me £67 I was heartbroken as it was the first lens I ever bought for my old camera!  It’s a pretty nifty, affordable portrait lens which gave some quality images. The other day I was thinking about purchasing a new portrait lens then I thought to myself “why haven’t I tried to fix it yet?” and in some eyes this may seem like a daunting idea but I love fixing things!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens broken in 2 pieces :'(

Anyways when I dropped it it had broken into 2 pieces. So I googled how to “fix it” and how to disassemble it as closer inspection found that only 2 of the lugs had broken out of the 4 possible ones.

I found this How To Disassemble the Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 which was incredibly helpful! It looks scary but the guide really was step by step and told you what each part did which was really useful too! It took me a couple of hours to fix it (as aposed to the half hour it took the guy in the article) considering the focus dial was broken too!

Terrifying lens in pieces!

When I disassembled it I was freaked out with all the parts laid out sprawled next to me but to my surprise I was actually able to pop the lugs back into the correct connector things when I lined it up properly and then reassemble the whole thing! Only problem now is that the focus dial is still broken and when I put it on auto focus it makes a clicking noise and pops out as but I can deal with having the focus in manual with my lens usable!!! YAYY!!!!!!! This saved me £100 to get it fixed, £67 if I wanted to buy a new one and all in all I am so proud of myself hahaha.

ALL FIXED!!!! I’m a genius ;D
Test shot of Wolfie =)

Oh and here’s a promised picture of me wearing that kid’s leather biker jacket I bought! The quality of leather is soo good, like heavy duty and thick! The style is really nice and I love the fact it’s cropped and tight fitting. Definitely a lot better than the leather ASOS jacket I returned!


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