I’ve been stuck for the past week trying to install MySQL on my old Macbook OS X running High Sierra…I love my 10 year old laptop and can’t see myself upgrading until it fully breaks therefore it took several hours of research but I’ve finally figured out how to install MySQL on this old Mac…so here goes…

First of all installing MySQL via Pip and Homebrew showed up in multiple errors. I found it was because the most recent MySQL is not compatible with High Sierra. DOH!

So, I checked the product archives it seems the last known product version that IS compatible with High Sierra is 8.0.18 (shown in the screenshot below)

1. Download the right version for your operating system here.

You might have to go to the product archives drop down menu and select the appropriate one. Underneath will have a status message which state which operating system it is compatible with.

The package I am downloading is actually for Mojave but it is compatible with High Sierra. This is the one I’ve downloaded (check the screenshot below)

2. Install MySQL Database Server

Then double click the file you have downloaded to install the MySQL database on your Mac High Sierra.

Your installation should pop up. Go through each step

3. Where to find your MySQL server

To start, stop and configure your MySQL server you have to locate it in your System Preferences. Search for it if you can not see it.

Then a window will pop up that allows you to configure your MySQL server. You can also install MySQL workbench to help you manage your databases.

You may need to also install an older version. You can do this by going into the archives to download and install an older version. As I was using an old operating system like High Sierra this was a necesssity to get MySQL to work.

4. Install MySQL Workbench

Many of the newer versions are not compatible with High Sierra. I had to go through each one and try and download and install it.

Therefore, I recommend installing version 8.0.15. It is the latest one that is compatible with High Sierra. You can’t physically install newer versions.

When it’s downloaded double click the installation file and then click and drag the MySQL Workbench App into your Applications folder to install.

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