I woke up suddenly around 4pm after falling asleep for an hour to a video of a huge group of people holding one nostril and blowing HARD out of the other one. Don’t ask me why/how/what youtube must have autoplay on.

I was genuinely concerned as I was probably in REM sleep mode which means my subconscious learning mind was switched on whilst thousands of people in India rewired my mind with their hardcore nostril blowing 😩

Everyone blowing hard out of one nostril – MUST SEE 😂

Anyways, I first found Sadhguru whilst watching Mind Valley videos and questioning “Is Spirituality for the Wealthy?”. I just kind of assumed that only those who don’t have money and security = physiology issues have more time to spare to Spirituality then I found a video of Sadhguru after searching that question.

If you watch that video at 1:24 Sadhguru asks;

Are you trying to prove a point or search for the truth?


He then explains how 200 years ago the western world took over India and scraped them off everything leaving the country into poverty and despite all that what remains is their culture and spirituality remain intact.

70% of his work is in rural India where the poorest of the poor are and it’s free of cost.


He said it costs in the City because everyone there wants it in an “air-conditioned room” which is a metaphor for having it in a luxury setting and someone has to pay for this “air-conditioned room”.

The spiritual process is about inner strength especially if we’re going through hardships.

I like the fact he goes to the rich places to enlighten people but they do not see him in the poorer places so assume that he’s there to make money when in reality he is there to make money so he can afford to go to the rest of the country and enlighten those who are suffering more.

Sadhguru was born in 1957. His real name is Jaggi Vasudev and he is an Indian Yogi, Mystic, Author and Public Speaker. He runs a Non-profit organisation, Isha. You can read more about him here.

Image source: Indian Express, Indulge

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