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I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Sigmund Freud over the past year dipping in and out of reading about the ‘subconscious mind’.

My lovely boyfriend even bought me Psychotherapy: A very short introduction for Christmas this year which btw, is SICK!! It’s packed with a bitesize history of other Psychiatrists like Carl Jung, Erik Erikson 😍 It even includes a tiny bit about Hypnosis which I am currently studying.

I mentioned that I wanted to go visit the Freud Museum in London on New Year’s Eve before we go out and checked out the site – they have an immersive room focusing on “The Uncanny” which is a Book/Essay written by Freud about strangely familiar experiences, rather than simply mysterious. I will try to find a PDF of it before we go. The room is apparently powered via an App and Headphones so I’m super intrigued about how it’s being delivered as it could give us some cool ideas for The Art of Working Women exhibition!

Anyways whilst roaming Freud‘s website; the information was clear, easily accessible and everything I wanted to do or access was intuitive and very straight forward. The spacing and format of the layout were nicely spaced out and organised which made it easily digestible and the blocked content gave it a sense of a professional and educational website. I often see learning hubs use this ‘block’ content like Zenva, Udemy and a lot of University websites.

The main information and structure I needed on the site was:

  1. Nav Bar
  2. CTA to the event ticket
  3. Location / details of event
  4. Who are madhat girls?
  5. Blog content
  6. Email sign up
  7. Maybe include something about the digital magazine out next Summer.
  8. Footer

So….what does one do when they see something they like? Copy it 🙈

I used a photo of Mary Jackson from Getty Images. I love referring back to the Hidden Figures story as it really stuck with me and opened my eyes to how humans can adapt and work with anything and furthermore, the secret power these women had. It feels true to Madhat <3

I’m still stuck figuring out whether I should keep it the same Branding/Colours as the exhibition but then I’m thinking maybe I should put out the Branding of Madhat Girls and label it as “Powered By…” just to introduce people to Madhat. I know you should really use a spin-off branding for an event but I feel like the Event is coming first and it will confuse people.

Who knows? I guess if it’s my event – it’s my rules right?

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