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When you’re just starting out a new business it can be overwhelming. There are just so many things to think about that it can leave you frozen before you’ve even taken that first step.

A good way to overcome that is by creating milestones towards your goal. If you write down everything you need to do like researching, networking and coming up with ideas you can space them out. Once you do that, they turn into digestible chunks which you can manage on a day-to-day basis. If you are unsure of how to come up with milestones to achieve then join my workshops.

Whilst I had a full-time job and trying to juggle a side-hustle I found that cutting daily tasks down to one a day really helps you focus.

So, each day I would only have 1 big task to complete. This meant I felt accomplished everyday whilst still having time spare and slowly this helped me work towards my goals.

Despite that, on this journey, I have come across SO MANY hurdles which I wanted to share with you guys.

1) There is no such thing as a perfect and polished idea

I used to think that coming up with a business meant I had to launch with a great idea that was defined, finished and ready to go. After starting up Madhat Girls, I realised there were never defined moments of “ahh yes this is perfect”. Your idea will never be squeaky clean or perfected and the most you can do it plan a rough guideline but as we all know: things rarely go to plan.

The best time to start up a business is before you feel ready because honestly, you will never feel ready. Starting your business now means that you are able to learn, tweak and refine as you go along. That way you stop feeling stagnant and start making progress.

Don’t let your lack of ideas be the thing holding you back. If you have a lot of ideas then choose one and fly with it. You will learn on the way. If it flops, you go to the next one. If you don’t have any ideas then start a blog or community.

Starting up a social media channel in a specific market can also can be a great starting point because you’re able to directly engage with the type of audience you may want to work with as well as understanding their interests. Setting your business up, before you start, is the best way to avoid failing.

2) STOP Researching START Implementing

I am the type who researches a LOT and I’m gathering you’re the same as, well, you’re here 😂.

If you start implementing the research as you go along you will start seeing results and what works and what doesn’t.

If you are studying hard about all things marketing but it’s all in your head if you get started using that new knowledge you will progress a lot quicker. This is why I created a pre-launch website to utilise those marketing skills and test the waters out for Madhat Academy. I wanted to see if the idea would get any traction.

What’s a Pre-Launch Landing Page?

It’s a page where you put your prospected product or service on a 1 page website, add some copy to sell yourself or product, market it and then see if people are interested. My pre-launch landing page might even be the reason of how you got onto this page 🤭.

This will help you grow your website, grow your marketing skills, grow your strategic, critical and problem-solving skills. You will never stop learning and you will never learn enough so you might as well create your website now and learn on the way.

The type of website you can start up before you launch your business are a pre-launch landing page or a blog.

3) Build your website

There are many roadblocks in building a business. The biggest one is your website. People spend months building theirs and thousands paying for it. This is why we recommend you build a basic WordPress 1-page landing page to test the waters and gain some traction before you launch anything.

If you have multiple business ideas? Create multiple landing pages. Test all of those.

If you have no business idea? Create a blog then, talk about what you want to do – your passions in life, your interests or your struggles. When you start journaling you will see a common theme and you can use this to discover a problem and leverage an idea. BOOM!

Once you start building your website you will realise that it is the beginning of your business. You will find confidence because you have something solid to work on and push all your marketing efforts too, you can use it to learn how to build traffic, attract an audience and eventually sell your products or services.


“You’ll learn, as you go on your journey, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologise for it. “

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