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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I have added any more reviews for the Masters in Computer Science at the University of York as I have been offered a new job!

I was due to study Computer and Mobile Networks (CAMN) this month but I’ve had to put it on hold as I’m super excited to announce that I have received the offer for a graduate position as a Data Engineer at…. PlayStation!! 🍾🥳

It all happened so quick that I didn’t even have time to write, process and share the journey with you!

So this is what’s been happening over the past 2 months…

I accidentally forgot to pay for my next module – which Uni are quite strict about – so I had 2 months to kill so I decided to do a Full-Stack Web Development course by Angela Yu on Udemy and work on my CV and portfolio. I used the web development part(HTML/CSS/Bootstrap) of the full-stack course as a refresher on concepts I already knew and used that to help me build a portfolio website. I decided to use Github’s pages because it was free and easy.

CV + Portfolio

After I decided to get a FREE custom domain to make it look more professional. All students who get the Github Student pack are entitled to a free domain name plus 100+ of other amazing tools. I’ve written an article on awesome digital freebies for tech students from Wireframing tools to analytical tools to free domain names and graphics-making tools. It’s the best and biggest collection of software, tools, and resource out there for Computer Science majors.

I realised out of the first 4 modules I have completed 3 of them were assignment-based so I converted those into projects for my online portfolio. Then I made my CV and decided to start applying for internships to see what I could get with what I already had. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the Master’s degree but I knew from my BA that these competitive fields will require “work experience”. I made the mistake with my BA to start interning after I had graduated. Therefore I wanted to intern before I had graduated to trial this new career out. I didn’t think I would actually get a full-time role!

What will I work on?

I haven’t started yet but I think I will be working within a team that manages PSN data! =O I’m super excited!!! I had a catch up with the line manager and he said I will be learning for the first year about the role and be given a mentor. I can’t wait to have a mentor I can’t wait to learn more about data engineering. I have no idea what it involves I mean… I know what I’ve read up about and researched about but not what actually happens… in a real-life business 😱

Delaying studies until 2022

I knew I would be overwhelmed with studying AND a starting new job in a brand new field so I made the really difficult decision to put studying on hold until January 2022. It is a shame and I’m gutted as I really enjoy studying and learning new things and this will also push my graduation date until about 2023-2024 depending on if I take any more breaks.

I decided to do this to help my mental health as the next few months will be very intense with lots of new tools and processes to learn and studying a Masters itself was overwhelming even without stressful work thrown into the mix.

This was just a brief blog to update you guys on the pausing of further reviews for the Computer Science Masters and to also let you know as I have 4 months to kill I will be converting my movement Madhat Girls to Mad Brave soon.

Mad Brave

I think I spoke about this before that the ethos behind Madhat Girls has changed I had moved towards workshops but honestly, nothing was driving me to continue. I think I should have changed the purpose rather than the product. After reading Why Brands with a purpose do better and matter more I totally see the point of having a purpose rather than a service. A purpose pushes you when you feel demotivated, a purpose gives you a reason to put in the hours. The service is just your solution and way to contribute to how you envision a better world to be. A purpose is a driving force for every action you make and your values keep those actions in line with your vision.

That’s why we were so driven with Madhat Girls – for a while – until our vision changed. I don’t think building a community for creative entrepreneurial females was something that aligned with me anymore since I was not a female entrepreneur myself. I was building a community for what I wanted to be rather than helping others get to where they wanted to be.

Everyone has something they wish they did or could do and that’s why I still want to continue pursuing this vision but just tweak it a bit. I’ve decided to change direction with Madhat Girls and rebrand it into Mad Brave.

Mad Brave’s vision is for women to harness the power of self-doubt through creativity, self-care and courage to move into a STEM field.

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