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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I have added any more reviews for the Masters in Computer Science at the University of York as I have been offered a new job!

I was due to study Computer and Mobile Networks (CAMN) this month but I’ve had to put it on hold as I’m super excited to announce that I have received the offer for a graduate position as a Data Engineer at…. PlayStation!! 🍾🥳

I honestly still can’t believe it as this blog was dedicated to documenting the journey towards Data Engineering and I had planned a 3-5 year scope of getting there. I feel like it all happened so quick that I didn’t even have time to write, process and share the journey with you!

So this is what’s been happening over the past 2 months…

I accidentally forgot to pay for my next module – which Uni are quite strict about – so I had 2 months to kill so I decided to do a Full-Stack Web Development course by Angela Yu on Udemy and work on my CV and portfolio. I used the web development part(HTML/CSS/Bootstrap) of the full-stack course as a refresher on concepts I already knew and used that to help me build a portfolio website. I decided to use Github’s pages because it was free and easy.

CV + Portfolio

After I decided to get a FREE custom domain to make it look more professional. All students who get the Github Student pack are entitled to a free domain name plus 100+ of other amazing tools. I’ve written an article on awesome digital freebies for tech students from Wireframing tools to analytical tools to free domain names and graphics-making tools. It’s the best and biggest collection of software, tools, and resource out there for Computer Science majors.

I realised out of the first 4 modules I have completed 3 of them were assignment-based so I converted those into projects for my online portfolio. Then I made my CV and decided to start applying for internships to see what I could get with what I already had. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the Master’s degree but I knew from my BA that these competitive fields will require “work experience”. I made the mistake with my BA to start interning after I had graduated. Therefore I wanted to intern before I had graduated to trial this new career out. I didn’t think I would actually get a full-time role!

What will I work on?

I haven’t started yet but I think I will be working within a team that manages PSN data! =O I’m super excited!!! I had a catch up with the line manager and he said I will be learning for the first year about the role and be given a mentor. I can’t wait to have a mentor I can’t wait to learn more about data engineering. I have no idea what it involves I mean… I know what I’ve read up about and researched about but not what actually happens… in a real-life business 😱

Delaying studies until 2022

I knew I would be overwhelmed with studying AND a starting new job in a brand new field so I made the really difficult decision to put studying on hold until January 2022. It is a shame and I’m gutted as I really enjoy studying and learning new things and this will also push my graduation date until about 2023-2024 depending on if I take any more breaks.

I decided to do this to help my mental health as the next few months will be very intense with lots of new tools and processes to learn and studying a Masters itself was overwhelming even without stressful work thrown into the mix.

This was just a brief blog to update you guys on the pausing of further reviews for the Computer Science Masters and to also let you know as I have 4 months to kill I will be converting my movement Madhat Girls to Mad Brave soon.

Mad Brave

I think I spoke about this before that the ethos behind Madhat Girls has changed I wanted to create workshops but honestly, nothing was driving me to execute. I think I should have changed the purpose rather than the product. After reading Why Brands with a purpose do better and matter more I totally see the point of having a purpose rather than a service. A purpose pushes you when you feel demotivated, a purpose gives you a reason to put in the hours. The service is just your solution and way to contribute to how you envision a better world to be. A purpose is a driving force for every action you make and your values keep those actions in line with your vision.

After going on this career change journey it’s made me realise that growing up thinking I wasn’t ‘smart enough’ held me back in so many ways. It still does and I still have that doubt inside me and I know it will never go away. I used to think that no child or person deserves to think that way but after you speak to more and more people you realise everyone has something they wish they could do but things get in the way…like their own mind: ‘i have to study X years to do that’ ‘i have a mortgage I can’t take big risks’ ‘i have a family to look after’ ‘i’m not good enough’ ‘it’s already been done before’ and that’s okay. You either give up your dream and don’t hold any resent for your situation or you make those changes.

That negative voice inside your mind is normal as long as you have a positive one in there balancing it out. It’s the yin and yang. You don’t need to achieve big things and when you do go for your dreams I’ve realised it’s the little wins and those little steps towards your goals that are the rewards not the end goal. It takes courage but it all starts with those first steps that everyone has the power to take including you.

Mad Brave’s vision is for everyone to harness the power of self-doubt through creativity, self-care and courage.

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