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I’ve been thinking a lot. has been at a standstill for nearly a year now and I wasn’t sure why. I think it’s because I’ve personally changed which has affected how I felt about the project I started. I am no longer the same person with the same goals and motivations. It didn’t feel authentic anymore.

I’ve always been about community. I love the connection between different social bubbles and the connection between diverse people but in a setting where they can bond over a mutual interest, a mutual task, a workshop. Who you are is irrelevant and how you connect with each other is more important.

Have you ever heard of the term filter bubble? You’re usually trapped in an algorithm that is filled with other people like yourself. In-person? You are more likely to encounter all types of people by chance. This opens up your mind. The internet opens up knowledge and connectivity but in person, you meet the people who have never been online, those who don’t have Facebook, those who remember when the world was at war, unaffected by the overconsumption of new media. They’re just them.

After doing many workshops from the age of 15…Dark Room Photography, Story Telling, Fiction Writing, Piano lessons, Jewellery Making, Acting Lessons.. each one gave me a glimpse into the life of someone very differently to me. How each person expressed their creativity was completely unique. Each one with a different life experience meant their take on the world was slightly different to one another and that to me is what makes my world go round.

I want to remind myself everytime I feel lost that these are the things I live for. Those little moments that stay with you for the rest of your life that make you who you are are worth living for and sharing with everyone around you through creative expression.

Connection, community and creativity are everything that I live for and I want Madhat Girls to grow and learn from this and mutate into something that breathes these values.

Changing the name

Therefore, I was thinking about changing the brand. Perhaps to something that means community or members or society. I want this to be a new place that abides by Madhat ways.. Madhat being GO CRAZY, BE YOURSELF and let go of the rules.

A place where can ignore who we are on the surface, leave behind our identity and connect on a common interest and communicate our pasts through unique creative expression.

This will be hard to market considering the group will be so diverse. I’m thinking to think how did the Community colleges I used to attend attract such a wide range of people? I guess the cost first thing is costs, the next is researching reviews and then the last is plucking up the courage to go.

Some possible name combinations:

Madhat Society

Class of Madhat

School of Madhat (relearn new behaviours)

Create Madhat

Madhat Express

Madhat HOuse

omg omg omg.. House of Madhat

HOM << of HOMH

Mad Brave

I’ve got it. It’s Mad Brave. I feel this breathes the new vibes.

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