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Udemy is a large platform that delivers top of the range courses for minimal prices. Many of these courses are created by working professionals within the industry. These courses can often teach you all the basic skills needed for a specific job.

I was looking for free courses and came across various Twitter Accounts linking to #FREEUDEMY courses! Me being a total digital scrounger went and checked it out and downloaded some of the free Udemy courses. I am currently doing this Figma UX design course which is quite interesting and I have to say the quality is pretty decent! Here’s how. you get free courses on Udemy.

Step 1

Head to Udemy and type in what you want to learn.

Step 2

Configure the filter settings to “FREE” option

Step 3

BOOOM thousands of free courses based on the subject of your choice!

Step 4

Check overview, read reviews and then enrol and learn!

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