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The rise of technology and the increase of free, untapped information means that many of us (aka me) are increasingly feeling overwhelmed by the over-consumption of knowledge.

It’s getting to that point where you learn and consume so much you’re not actually retaining any of it. The difficulty is where we should be applying our attention to, what to do, who to trust, how to get the best out of life without the fear of making ignorant and destructive decisions.

Every step of our life experience has probably been lived by someone else out there writing it up and offering their own advice or guides or steps towards achieving the ultimate ‘self’.

Only, it’s through their eyes and most of these people haven’t experienced the things you have, weren’t brought up by your parents, nor are surrounded by the same people. Although, we’ve all experienced similar emotions and events none of us have experienced each other lives in the same sequential order or way which actually contributes a lot to your life decisions and outlook on life. So, all that internet advice you accumulate eventually may not be catered specifically for you.

I’m saying this from the point of view of a person who aimlessly googles EVERY living question I have in my mind from

What is friendship?


How do I change my perspective on things?

These are very vague and personal questions. Following the internet as though it’s Life’s Bible is NOT the best thing to do. Yet, in doing so it has made me realise the hard way that following the advice of others is a sure way to grow resentful and realise that you should trust your own instinct. The best thing to do is ask multiple trusted sources then figure out yourself whether or not you should just go with your gut feeling or not because when you fail you know not to make the same mistakes again but when you succeed the rewards you reap in include a boost of self-esteem and a sense of independence like no other. How did it take 28 years to realise this?

How To Learn?

So it all depends on learning more about yourself and how you take in information and retain it. Are you an audio, visual or kinesthetic learning or a bit of each? Here’s a quick quiz.

I tend to like ‘doing’ and experimenting – rather than watching and listening. If the ‘doing’ part requires a reading or listening task then I am willing to be patient and go through with the listening and watching process but ONLY when I ‘do’ then it will cement as it’s the most enjoyable part of learning for me. This can be said for many.

Goal Setting

  • What are you going to do?
  • What is your core motivation/main reason for it?
  • What aspects of your life might improve?
  • When will you do it?
  • Who will support you?


  1. Break down large goals into measurable, achievable mini-goals.
  2. Find respectable sources of learning the specific topic you want to learn (not multiple sources).
  3. Be open to everyone’s advice but listen to your own intuition.
  4. Once you have achieved something feels free to share your successes with your close ones.
  5. Don’t overdo it and take breaks

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