I woke up Saturday morning and my internet had died and I had no idea what to do with myself. Typical millennial behaviour, I am an internet addict and I’m not even ashamed of it. First of all I curled my hair then when that was over I decided to check out my downloaded movies and as Virgin said the fix wasn’t until 4pm I had ages until then. I had the entire season of Attack on Titan downloaded and thought I would watch a couple of episodes. One episode turned into 25 and I had finished the entire season in the blink of an eye. I was completely and utterly HOOKED.

I’m pretty far behind on the hype as the anime came out 3 years ago. I didn’t think I’d watch it but my news feeds kept telling me Season 2 was out soon so I got curious.

The main storyline follows this boy Erren and his friends. They live in a city that is bordered by 50ft walls to keep out giants(Titans) who eat/destroy humans. It’s proper graphic as they tear humans in half, gobble them up and stomp around grinning all the time like nobodies business. It’s a dystopian story set in a post-apocolyptic world – my most favourite genre. When the outer wall, where he lives, gets torn down by a mysterious armoured Titan Erren vowes too devote his life to the city’s army to fuck them up.  His home, family and life are destroyed as we follow him & his loyal friend’s down an epic journey through this mental world.

What I loved about it was the graphics, the sound track and the individual characters. I was laughing and crying the whole way through it they really do drag you through some emotional rollercoasters. It wasn’t just some little kids big adventure the battle scenes are gruesome and engaging. They fly around on these spiderman machines, slashing Titans and it makes your eyes gloss up because it’s just too dam cool. There are also political undertones to the story with the corruption that they casually highlight. Where did the Titans come from in the first place and why are they eating people for no reason? That is the question. The writer was also not afraid to kill off everyone and freak you out. Best of all the female characters are the most skilled in this! They really build up the character profiles however different they are to each other and make you fall in love with their different energies.

Throughout the story you know there is a true meaning and explanation of why the Titan’s exist OUT THERE SOMEWHERE but they don’t even let you get anywhere near it. I was so frustrated by the end with 1010101 questions that I felt really sorry for those who had to wait 2 years to finally (or might not) know what the hell is going on. No fan deserves to be hung like that’s what they did with Heroes…look where that ended up.

I am trying my best at the moment not to read up about it which is really hard because I’m such a google slut. I already tried to for the first few episodes and ruined it a bit for myself so alas I must wait until April for Season 2 like everyone else.

I now see what the craze is about so please forgive me for being so ‘commercial’, ‘a generic fan’ and really really ‘late’ but GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVENT and prepare yourself for Season 2!

Sneaky trailer for Season 2:


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