A Smile Can Change Someones Day text

Last night I saw loads of progress with Hana. Initially, when I handed over the step by step hand guides to do certain things on the computer, she brushed them off as though she didn’t need them. After not seeing her for 3 weeks she had actually read them in bed one night when she couldn’t get to sleep and realised she needed the functions I was trying to teach her; how to make a new folder, cut & paste and how to search for lost files.

She was such a good student this lesson and said she wanted to show me she could follow the guide and do these things. She managed to find all the files she wanted and create a new folder all by her self from following my hand guides. I felt a huge warmth in my heart that she was trying so hard and I was glad that she was pushing herself to learn these things rather than rely on someone else to do it for her and memory.

Huge progress 🙂

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