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So much has happened since I last blogged. I spent 3 weeks in Vietnam, I bought my first ever flat, I became good friends with a love interest, I went to way too many events, I joined new extra curricular activities and most of all I’ve grown as a person. I don’t even know where to start I think I will dedicate a full post to Vietnam in the coming weeks I wish I had written a day-by-day diary but I was just so tired and excited about all the stuff happening in the moment to even think about jotting it down.

I’m going to Cologne in 3 days for a Reggae Festival called Summerjam. I’m excited but the forecast has said it’s raining for the entire duration which sucks. I haven’t even gone yet and I’m dreading the rain. Hopefully, the festival will still be a blast. The music will be so sick so I’m sure we’ll dance the rain away. I bought a Cath Kidston tent off ebay to take with me and I’m more excited about using that then being stuck in the mud lol.

I have also booked to go to Barcelona with my workmate! I’m super excited. He mentioned to book a hostel but I misinterpreted our trip as a romantic one and went for the airbnb now I regret it and I checked and they will only refund 50% of the costs. I kind of wish we went for a hostel so we could meet more people but I think we will have a good time anyhow. I went about 4 years ago straight after uni so we went out got mashed up, the 2nd time I went it was a semi hen party. This time I think I will explore more as I have the money to do so but my workmate wants to go clubbing. His music choice is not what I would usually go for in a club but I guess I’ll have to compromise. Excited to sunbathe and explore the bustling city!

I will also be going to Wilderness festival to help my bffl uni friend Alice at Hume Looms teach Macrame classes. We get to go for free as we’re holding workshops. I’m more excited to be holding the workshop than experiencing this festival. I’ve always wanted to do something like this! I can’t believe now we have the chance I feel so lucky, grateful and proud of my friend.

Me & Alice are also going to be working at We Work Summer Camp which looks INSANE!!!! It’s like an American style summer camp with loads of activities such as team sports, orienteering, watersports, workshops, music festival, yoga, campsite fun and most of all food & drink is included! I am helping her teach Macrame. The classes for this are more full on and the shifts will be 10-5 over 2 days. Which are quite long! I’m excited to have this experience to teach people a craft and to help out. I’m also excited we get to go to this very expensive all inclusive festival FOR FREE!!! Teehee. Bless you Alice thanks so much for bringing me 🙂

After that, I have booked another adventure & activities festival called Mountain Festival that is sponsored by North Face. Sarah was looking for a rucksack for Vietnam and came across this insane looking festival. The promo video sucked us in. It’s an active festival where you can go Alpinism, Canyoning, Paragliding, Hiking and Running! All the things that I’d love to try out and do!!!! Plus it’s situated at the foot of the Eigar of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland. I just can’t believe how lucky I am to be doing all these amazing things and that my best friend is up for everything. #YOLO

Not only this, but Tokyo is freakin’ happening at the end of October! I managed to find return flights for £280! I still can’t believe my luck at how cheap they were. Flights are usually £800 and I got mine for almost 1/3 of that. Tokyo is one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit but hadn’t had the guts to splash out and do so. I never thought in a million years I would be going this year it was more of an impulse buy and I’m glad I did. We’re going during halloween too. I hope they celebrate it out there. I think me and Sarah are quite possibly going to go MENTAL when we get there! HOLD TYTE TOKYO 2K17 !!!!!!!

To end the year off with a bang  Sarah is coming with me and my mum to spend Christmas AND New Years in New York City with some of my family. I have a lot of family out there and they’re all a really bubbly bunch so  I can’t wait. I haven’t been to New York since I was about 10 so everything, I can imagine, is going to be 100000x better. I was going to go when I hit 21 but I couldn’t afford it. We’re going to look for some NYE events and hopefully party it up. We’re coming back on New Years day so that will be interesting haha. No rest for the wicked.

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