Persona for Madhat Girls – First Draft

This is a brief outline for stage one for re-designing the UX of the Madhat Girls website. This is how it currently looks; a bog standard WordPress template.

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Who is your user?

Name: Maddie
Age: 30
Personal Type: INFP
Personality Traits: Creative, Innovative, Sociable
Occupation: Librarian/ Creative Solopreneur
Status: Single
Location: UK
Education: English Literature
Lifestyle: Loves buying cute stuff, galleries, instagram / taking pics, art fairs, eating out, hand made items, plant-based diet, sewing, knitting, craft stuff, reading fiction, baking cakes, tea & catch ups with friends & family.

Technology Level

IT and Internet: 6/10
Software: 5/10
Mobile Apps: 6/10
Social Media: 10/10


Maddie works at the local Library to give her a steady source of income. Working part-time helps her pay the bills in a nice relaxing job she enjoys whilst enabling time for her side projects. She creates and sells home-made chocolate, pins, purses, cushions, cards, and prints etc at craft fairs, Etsy and her own online store. Most of the income from selling her products comes from Etsy, some from her stalls and none come from her online store which she still runs. Despite not making much from her creations she loves designing new products for the love of being creative and is usually working on multiple projects at any given time. She has a healthy following on Instagram hoping to establish herself in the industry and because she works mostly at home and alone on her crafts shes very much interested in collaborating with other artists to boost reputation, connect with others and spark ideas.


  • Move her Etsy client base to her online shop as the main place to buy from.
  • Find new customers similar to her existing customers
  • Increase sales of her products
  • Create and design her craft full-time.
  • Organise workload efficiently
  • Find other crafters to collaborate with


  • Doesn’t know how to attract Etsy buyers to her store
  • Spends too much time doing manual labour-intensive stuff like packing, emails and wants to spend more time creating and designing.
  • Spends a long time designing and making new products that sometimes doesn’t get any sales
  • Needs to find more time in the day so she can work on all areas of business like social media marketing, creating products, networking, finding markets to sell at.
  • Sometimes feels dejected and demotivated to create or spend time on her side businesses due to not getting enough returns on investment (of time).

Purpose of Website

The website will article driven. It will be purely informative and motivational. It will show information, guides, tools, inspiration and be the go-to destination for Solopreneurs like Maddie who need a little guidance in direction on ways to solve her pain points.
The type of information it provides will be marketing, business and tech related to growing a small business run by one person and there will be a lot of motivational pieces thrown in about other women in the industry or others and how they overcame their own pain points. This will help provide a one-stop source for affordable/free tools and tips to use that is delivered in a way someone like Maddie can understand, digest and implement immediately.

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A forever-learner and explorer. My favourite thing in life is helping people using the skills that I have. I love blogging as it gives me a safe place to document and explore my thoughts, dreams and ideas that I am too scared to speak about IRL. I love having deep chats, internetting, art and design thingies, handcrafting, experiencing new things and learning more about people and the world we live in.

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