It’s New Years day!¬†I’m not going to reflect on 2016; although there were many setbacks, it was a great year¬†and¬†there’s no need to dwell on the past when the future is so bright and exciting!

My NYE was really good. We went to¬†Will’s house and cracked out loads of booze, food and random games. It was so nice to be inside and chilling getting drunk af. After we count down we ran up to his parent’s room on the 3rd floor and watched all the fireworks being set off all around London including the London fireworks. It was so pretty man it almost felt like the final scene in Fight Club where the buildings all fall to Pixies¬†Where is my mind <3 I fell asleep at around 4ish¬†drunk on the sofa then woke up an hour later with a raw headache hungover ALREADY?! Gahhh Today has been so long.


People kept asking me about my new year’s resolutions. Last year mine was¬†to:

  • Learn Spanish
  • Not purchase any fashion clothing (fast fashion)

I managed to attend Spanish lessons for 1 term so that one I will probably rollover to this year. I also did not purchase any fashion clothing from November 2015 РNovember 2016 which I am super proud about! I did buy gym clothing and a pair of £100 trainers but I kept my promise and I saved so much money! The main issue was when it came to November 2016 I pretty much went shopping every week because I had suppressed my shopping addiction for so long.

This year I have a few¬†things I’d like to do in 2017.

  • Buy a flat
  • Be¬†patient and nicer to my mum
  • See more new places and experiences more new things
  • No sugary snacks for the whole of January (doesn’t include¬†naturally occurring sugar or sugar added to bought meals).
  • Attempt another¬†year of not purchasing any fast fashion clothing – charity shop/second hand allowed.
  • Write in my blog/diary more!

Here’s to another amazing year of many awesome things to come!

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