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Today, was the first day at my new job. The coming weeks I was getting super excited as I was at my old company for almost 3 years. It took a lot to tear me away. I wouldn’t have moved on if the new place didn’t have better prospects. I mentioned to the head of the department that I thought that I was going to retire from there lol. But alas, I was getting too comfortable and stagnated.

It’s really scary leaving a decent job to go to a smaller one with only a 6-month contract. I will have to see if they want to keep me on or whether the role is right for me – kinda nerve-wrecking really especially when I have a mortgage to pay. πŸ˜–

My day consisted of sooooooooooooo many meetings. I was inducted into loads of their processes and the different types of jobs everyone did, meeting the team and all the different types of creatives I will be doing. I’m excited because the work I will be doing will be new to me and I can learn a lot but I’m also scared because I don’t know what I’m doing…. at all O.O

The company is an in-app Advertising/Marketing tech company. They initially started making Video adverts and Playable adverts for Games but they’ve started catering to all types of Apps now. They provide the adverts but the main idea is to help developers monetise their apps as well as provide a platform for publishers to advertise in other apps. It’s the middleman between the two. The work I will be doing will mostly be art direction, storyboarding playable adverts and assisting the Senior Performance Art Director. They have various different types of in-app advertising such as a landing page, a mini playable game, an interactive video, instructional videos etc. They mentioned a lot that it’s stats driven and they work a lot towards automation.

Even though it’s only been a day the people seem nice. They’re really talented, skilled and chilled. I feel like I gotta kick my butt into gear and learn loads of new skills to keep up. They all seem to be amazing at motion graphics. I’ve never used After Effects before so this is something cool and new that I can learn and I’m super excited.  One of the girls already said if I need any help with it she can help YAY πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

I think after working in the last 2 places I will definitely steer my career towards/stay in the tech business. It’s so much more impactful and constantly evolving. Plus the people seem more motivated and actually like their jobs. It’s also really intimidating and out of my comfort zone but I feel like I need to throw myself out there into the unknown otherwise I will never learn new skills whilst getting paid for it.

We will see how it goes in the coming weeks but for now #nogrets xD

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