Woah. I nearly took a years break and it felt dammmm good. I had to write on my blog to validate my reasoning somehow otherwise I wouldn’t have felt justified. I had to re-activate my account to use it as a login to app games for my new job. It sounds like I’m making excuses but honestly man loads of the games required a Facebook account to log in. LAME

Wrote myself a mini interview because I’m that excited and that much of a loser.

What was it like not having Facebook or Instagram for almost a year?

I had loads of spare time. Like A LOT. In that time I managed to volunteer regularly, take up piano lessons AND driving lessons, launch about 3 different websites, FINALLY do my CV and complete my portfolio website, learn loads of new things, took on my first couple of Freelance jobs and most of all I got a new job 🙂 I’ve honestly had so much more time at weekends, after work etc. I took fewer photos and I didn’t have that weird urge to check for ‘notifications’ for that kick. Nor was I attention seeking on Social media anymore… I was being needier with my friends and sending individual people photos and seeking all my attention from ACTUAL mates looools. They probs thought it was hella annoying 😂

Did you miss anything about it?

I didn’t feel like I was missing out nor felt like I missed anything about it. It just kind of stopped one day (about 1 week in) and I didn’t auto *check facebook*.

How does it feel to be back on Facebook?

Good and Bad.
Bad = I spent the first 3 days honestly stalking the HELL out of everyone for hours. Just anyone and everyone I could click on… I needed to release the stalkanator urges I had suppressed for so long. Then I felt shit that I wasn’t married, in a relationship or having a baby – even though I felt completely happy before *fails*. I also returned back to autopilot mode almost immediately. I uploaded about 10 photos of myself and then I posted a dam long attention seeking status about being racially attacked on the bus (I did get verbally attacked but there wasn’t much need to post on social media except gain some reassurance and comfort from people far away).
Good = I did not realise I was missing out on socialising until I got back on Facebook. Before all I did was hang out with my close mates, go to loads of events, gigs my usual fun stuff. Life has been hectic, super busy and amazing without facebook. Since I’ve got back on Facebook…my outer friendship circle of acquaintances have somehow remembered that I’m still alive and been inviting me out to their parties, house parties, engagement parties, birthday drinks… all sorts of random stuff I use to go to when I was in my early 20s. I’m saying it’s a good thing because I’m happy about reconnecting with old pals that I wouldn’t usually see.  Since I’ve been back for a week I have something booked every weekend for the next month and bit. I’m going to die. I think I’m going to have to opt-out of at least 80% of these things. Great. Now I’m going to get FOMO.

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