Kyla La Grange OFFICE Shoes Parties House of Vans

I work for a shoe company who is collaborating with Vans and are holding this new event at the House of Vans called OFFICE HOUSE PARTIES. If you haven’t been to this amazing part skate park part Vans emporium then put it on your to-do list for this month as it’s starting to get pretty popular. They have a gallery, a mini Vans museum, a small cinema that plays Sundance Film Festival esque movies, a bar + food bit and the main attraction a skate park. Every so often they hold gigs with established and unestablished bands. I had tickets to Imagine Dragons last week but ended getting there too late and missing the whole thing oops! I don’t know what it is about bare brick walls and arches it gives this urban nitty-gritty atmosphere that I absolutely love. It’s probably the fact it’s nostalgic as I grew up on a council estate ha ha ha.

Despite calling the headliner Kayla the Strange all night, (it’s Kyla La Grange) and not knowing who the hell she was, I thought the acts were pretty decent for a free gig. Her voice was cute and the music was just your average synthy pop shit that people listen to these days. I personally wouldn’t download and listen to her in my own time but it was enjoyable and I had such a good night with my work friends.

Kyla La Grange Office House Parties House of Vans
Kyla La Grange Office House Parties House of Vans (I’m the chica on the far left)

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