Not going to Boom Town? You’re missing out.
Not been to Boom Town? You’re missing out.
Not heard of Boom Town? YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Crazy acrobatic acts, monsterously daring costumes and amazing music. It’s happening 24/7. This is without a doubt one of the best festivals I have been to. As it grows in size it decreases in ‘quality of human’ but all in all it still beats every other festi.

Initially starting out as a really small ‘secret’ festival where upon it was held at a secret location only revealed 2 weeks before the event it now has an approximate population of 15K inhabitants .    I knew nothing of it until the first ever time it came to the home town of my University. It was down the road from where we lived so we thought why not? Literally applying a day before to work at the bar with a mate , we managed to use our passports instead of deposit money to score a place as bar staff.  Best last minute decision I ever made. The people were amazing and there was just so much to do. People have described it as a smaller version of Bestival. It. is. NOT. I’ve been to Bestival and it’s full of ex-chav teeny boppers. Although I very much look about 12 I am repulsed by these geek-top wearing breed of humans. Although your experience isn’t based on the people who go, it very much affects it by about 40% considering you have to tent next to one of them. The people at Boomtown are, although extreme chavs, the real deal and are chilled. Not the posers you find at Bestival who have evolved from Chavmon into Hipstermon via an UrbanOutfitters ether potion. This year I have a sick feeling those V-festival go-ers may be flocking to BoomTown thinking it’s the ‘cool’ place to be. I’m literally praying they won’t be there 🙁

Back to the festival, in my experience it’s quite a family oriented festival with a kid’s town and loads of activities for them to do. I even stumbled across a mini petting-zoo esque stall. Cutest fluffy bunnies I had ever seen (besides Wolfie, i’m not a traitor). From the usual food stands you get at festi’s to vegetable carving to tin can stove making – it has the lot! Unfortunately I haven’t had the money to  ever experience Glasto but apparently a few of the good stuff from there is also at Boom. I.E Arcadia. There’s nothing more I need to say except see for yourself:

So… working there. As a Skinthead I clearly dislike paying for things I know I can get for free. Me and my housemates decided last year to work it again after experiencing the first year as a complete festi-working n00b. I’ve not done stewarding before but bar work is extremely easy you just pour the drink take the money and voila! Recently they started a new system where you don’t even have to pour the drinks someone else does it for you so it’s literally piss easy!  You work 2×8 hour shifts and 2x food tickets and 2x drinks. I have only worked at Boom and Besti and have been really lucky with my shifts as they were either cut short or were on good days! This year I’m working the day everyone arrives (before the music starts) and on Saturday morning so I have Wednesdat all day, thursday day,  friday all day, saturday night and all of sunday free? Seems too good to be true? We applied several months ago to score the best shifts.

I’ve not even packed yet! It’s a days away and the only thing  I have bought for it is 2 crates of cider.

Wish me luck?


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